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Either run the day or the day runs you. - Jim Rohn

Telemarketing is the first job I ever had that I actually liked! Telemarketing showed me I had the power to control my paycheck, not just go with the status quo. My 2.5 year telemarketing job taught me about earning potential and the power of a positive mindset.

In 1998, my work study job as a cashier/stocker/burger flipper at the convenience store in our dorm was less than desirable. My back ached after standing up for hours and my head hurt dealing with inconsiderate freshman, plus there was no mind stimulation to be found anywhere. I knew there had to be a better job out there. Boy, was I right!

On a whim, I answered a telemarketer ad for DialAmerica Marketing, about a mile or so from my dorm at the University of Tennessee, after having decided few things could be worse than flipping burgers. Plus, my favorite toy as a young kid was the telephone! Since arriving in Knoxville via Lawrence, KS, I developed a sweet as sugar Southern belle accent and have always liked talking to people.

Smart as a whip, I loved my psychology classes, enjoyed a challenge, and found it fairly easy to memorize the rebuttal responses they gave us. Before I knew it I was at the top of the sales board, day after day and week after week. So much so, that I started getting special treatment, participating in training demos with new employees, extra breaks if I was having a rough day. My Supervisor and later Assistant Branch Manager understood I was there to win and make money.

One day, they brought in this goof ball from another office to fill in. All evening, we were yelled at, told to do better and get with the program, or that our sales were awful. Soon, I also became frustrated. It was a Friday night and they eventually let us leave early because our sales were so low.

I was taught to go for the gold , so I walked over to the Assistant Branch Manager, Branch Manager and Supervisor and asked if they wanted to hear how it felt to work on the sales floor. Casually, I also mentioned I was a psychology major and had some ideas about how to motivate the team. I believe they listened to me because I had a long history of producing above average sales results. There were no females in a position of power or authority, just a bunch of men in suits. Apparently, they thought I was worth listening to, because they implemented most of my ideas.

Twenty four months later I was offered a promotion and turned it down... because I would lose my commission AND be required to work Saturday mornings. No brainer, right?...

Here's a few things I learned along the way:

Sales are a numbers game. Care about all of the numbers and learn when to say good-bye.Brevity and value are king! Ask for a brief moment of their time. Be brief and show the value of your product/service.Don't sweat the No ! Focus on hearing Yes more often. It will happen, just keep dialing.Strong mindset is continuing to dial, believing someone will say yes. Lots of someones!Be open to feedback!Develop your own script. Quit trying to sound like everyone else. Embrace your awesome-ness!Everyone has a bad day. Remember that. Focus on the awesome days or things you can do to be positive and confident.

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