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To flourish or to languishThe HappinessToy turns money into happiness and joy.  It's a happiness machine.  Money comes in; happiness and joy come out.  This general blogstore is the initial phase.  It provides information to help you tap into unlimited happiness and joy.  At first, you will not believe it.  It takes time for primate brains to process new information and create new knowledge. You are entitled to unlimited happiness and joy.  Some people are better than others at accepting new information and creating new knowledge.  Some people have better neural plasticity.  Some people also have better mental models to approach reality. Your mental model is how you perceive reality.  It's like the lens through which you view reality.  You see reality based on the color of your mental model lens.  Some people can use multiple lenses, and know how to vary them to view reality in different colors and perspectives.  People with effective and flexible mental models are better prepared to flourish in life.In life, you only have two options: you flourish; or you languish.  That's it.  Life can be puzzling sometimes.  For example, you can be pro-life, but you are still forced to kill to survive.  You kill animals for their protein and fat.  If you are vegan, you kill plants when you harvest them to eat them.  You probably don't do it yourself, but you buy it at the grocery stores from the kill distributors.  You may also be pro death sentence to punish evil doers.  Even if you are not pro death sentence, you would be in favor of killing in self-defense.  Therefore, to be pro-life , you have to add meanings and perspectives to say that you mean innocent lives.  You need to say that a seed is a viable fruit.  If everything else fails, you resort to blind faith as your blindfold lens. To survive and flourish, you need an effective mental model that help you survive and flourish.  All humans rely on mental models.  Most humans do not accept their reality.  Most humans do not accept themselves as storytelling primates.  They rely on stories to prove that they are not storytelling primates.All humans are primates.  All humans are storytelling primates. Humans rely on fake stories to please themselves and cope with the puzzle of life. The HappinessToy can help you deal with reality in a very effective and affordable way.  It is 100% drug free.  It is not a dogmatic religion.  The HappinessToy is a mental model for happiness and joy. The HappinessToy can help you tap into unlimited happiness and joy. Happiness and joy are generated in your brain.  External circumstances are irrelevant.  The only relevant thing is how you perceive reality.  That is, what meaning you give to reality.  You cannot change what things are, but you can change what things mean to you.  You cannot change reality, but you can change what reality means to you. Gratitude is the biggest hack for turning on happiness in your brain.  Gratitude turns on happiness in your brain.  If you are truly grateful for everything in your life, you become happy.  Total gratitude is super easy to understand, but it takes diligent practice and learning.  You have to appreciate absolutely everything in your life.  That includes everything that is good and everything that is bad according to your monkey mind. To tap into gratitude, you have to learn that good and bad are cultural labels of the social matrix in which your mind operates.  It's super important to distinguish between good and bad for behavioral purposes.  However, when tapping into the power of gratitude to turn on happiness in your brain, you have to suspend reality for a second.  You have to learn how to be grateful for everything that life throws at you regardless of the cultural label associated with it.  You have to stop hooking your happiness to good things.  You have to stop bitching and whining about bad things.  You have to realize that those are cultural labels.  In the universe, all is well regardless of the monkey mind labels of good or bad that culture programmed in your primate brain. To tap into unlimited happiness via gratefulness, you have to accept it all; you have to be truly grateful about everything.  If you are smart enough, you can get it.  Do you get it?The HappinessToy is the help.  The HappinessToy is a simple technology (tool and method) to help you tap into unlimited happiness and joy.  As a tool, the HappinessToy serves as a visual guide to the seven hacks of happiness and joy.  As a method, the HappinessToy serves as a philosophical mental model to help you flourish in life.  As a business, the HappinessToy turns money into products and services that help you be happy and enjoy life. Do you like good sales?  Do you like buying goods that can help you flourish in life?  Do you like making more money so that you can buy more accessories to a happy and joyful life?  We all do. The HappinessToy can operate as a concierge service for happiness and joy. It will take some time for the HappinessToy to get to that phase via organic growth, but it will be a fun time.  You can follow the HappinessToy and witness the journey.Whatever you do, be happy and enjoy your precious life.  Don't waste any second of your life suffering, unless you want to suffer.  Learn that you don't need to suffer in life. You deserve unlimited happiness and joy.  As Yoda would say, you need to unlearn what you have learned. Culture and industry have implicitly taught you that you are deficient , and that you need certain status or certain material things to be happy and enjoy life.  That's BS.  It's all marketing and social control.  They tell you that you to be happy and enjoy life, you need whatever it is that they sell.  That's how religions work.  That's how businesses work.  The reality is that your primate brain controls your level of happiness and joy.  You can train your mind to tap into unlimited happiness and joy all the time. The HappinessToy is a flourishing business so it will sell you an alternative mental model.  The value proposition is that it can help you tap into unlimited happiness and joy.  You pay freely, based on results.  You pay freely, based on what products and services you want to buy.  Who doesn't like to spend money in good products and services?  Who doesn't want to make more money?  Who doesn't want to enjoy a drug-free, flourishing life full of happiness and joy? BACK TO MAIN PAGE
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